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FREE Delivery with purchase of $100/-

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Sugar Bubble Advertisement in Korea and intreview in Japan TV.


OVER 1,000 bottles of Sugar Bubble has been sold and they keep coming back for more...this is the reason...


Sugar Bubble


 Pixy: “This is the 1st time ordering from you! But i have tried this product and love it!”

Twinmumdad: “I really super duper loves ur products and I having been using them since I given birth.”

Kuromi: “I Really like the sugar bubbles products that I have bought.  They clean well and the smell is refreshing, my fav the bathroom cleaner. With my 7 yr old son helping out with the dishes, I can have a peace of mind that my family will not b "poison" even if ithe soap is not thoughly rinised off.”

Katherine Lee: “I'm a returning client..really like the products!!!!”

Sophie: “Hi i've received the products in good order. Tried it and it's really good! Good cleaning power, gentle to the hands and nice smell. Thanks.”

Mei Theng ~ 12.10.2010 ~ “Have received my order today!  All are in good order.

Must say I'm impressed by the speed of the order process & delivery! Thanks so much!”

rorokidul ~ 13.10.2010 ~ “I like both my Kitchen Sterilizer and Toy Cleaner, now I'm ordering somemore.” 

Ethmom ~ 12.10.2010 ~: “Hi, May I know when you will have stock for Handwash Liquid 270ml or refil? I'd like to order a few as I'm sufficiently impressed with Sugar Bubble products.

So far I've only used both laundry detergents (3.5kg and Infant) and I'm really impressed. Both are suitable for my continental front-loading machine as it's extremely low suds and rinses out without any residue at all. My clothes have never felt cleaner! Best of all, I managed to handwash my baby's clothes even though I had a cut on my finger. This would not have been possible with my regular liquid baby detergent. It's really that gentle on the hands.

Same for the Nursing Bottle Cleaner. Unlike other bottle cleaners, this one is a little soapy and cleans out formula stains without leaving any oily feeling.

Keep me in the loop for your future BPs, k?

Thanks for introducing such a great product :-)" 

 Dishwash Detergent 


VT ~ 07.09.2009 ~ ”I tried the dishwash. It's awesome. My fingers do not crack after use. My hands feel smoother with each use. Haa...can save on moisturiser too...True enough the washing power is the same no matter it is used diluted or concentrated.  Thumbs Up for bringing in these products. Looking forward that you wll bring in other range as well.”

 Vine-Gal ~ 04.09.2009 ~ ”I have received the items.. so far I like the products as the detergent I use previously always cause my hand to be dry and coarse but after using sugar bubble prds the problems lessen.”

 crayon mum ~ 03.09.2009 ~ “Loved the dishwashing detergent! It has a sweet fragrance and it's mild to my already dry and sensitive hands.” :) 

 Sharon ~15.10.2009 ~ “I have only used the dish washing detergent so far and liked it very much.  It does not dry or irritate my skin like other chemical-loaded products.  I feel safe having my younger children helping out w dish washing and have fun at the same time!”  :)

 Larkspur ~ 15.01.2010 ~ “Like the product as i do not need to use gloves while washing dishes.”

 Kuromi ~ “Tried the dish washing detergent, cleans really well.”


 Fruit & Vege Wash


 twinmumdad ~ 25.11.2009 ~ “I super duper in love with fruit n veg wash... I use it to wash my bbs bottles n the best thing is not soapy like other brands. Will try out the nursing bottle cleanser... Thank you!” 

VT ~ 13.09.2009 ~ “I tried the Vegewash... It is really much bitter. It really wash my grapes well cos sometimes after rinsing the grapes still feels sticky. Thumbs UPz... I will stay tune for your next offer.”  

Anna ~ 01.2010 ~ “Fruit & Vege Wash: fell in love with your products even thou tried out only a few. Fruit & Vege wash really wash my grapes well, no waxy feeling, thumbs up"

Kitchen Sterilizer


 Kamser ~ 03.09.2009 ~

 Kitchen Sterilizer & Fruit & Vege wash

“Thanks for introducing this product line to me.

The kitchen detergent cleans without any overpowering smell (unlike other brand, which may be good, but has a really really strong smell....), the bathroom cleaner has a nice mild scent, haven't used the fruit and veggie one yet, but it looks good!

I tried out the fruit and veggie wash already, it's good too! No strong smell like the tollyjoy one, but very effective in cleaning the milk bottles!  So glad we've got this product now!”

Daish ~ 09.2009 ~ “My maid burned the green bean soup today and thus the stove was stained with thick and burned soup due to it overflow.  She used the Kitchen Sterilizer to wipe off the burned stain on the stove, that had hardened. The hard stain cleans off easily and there is no need to scrub the stove!”

dor dor ~ 15.01.2010 ~ “Am a return customer. I actually use the kitchen sterilizer on the floor cos it will clean off the smell of my dog's pee....hehe”

Von:”clean off greasy dirt easily.fast delivery”

Cloudies:”I'm back for more...
The products are great especially like the kitchen cleaner... wow.. fantastic....” 


Laundry Detergent


Lovinglife ~ 13.01.2010 ~ “I love using your sugar bubble laundry detergent!  No softener is required and it is suitable for front loading machine too.”


Botakmum ~Hi I just got my items n started using! The nursing bottle cleaner is great, I don't hv to rinse n rinse n safe alot of water! Now washing laundry!

Also the hand wash is really gentle, I love it!

Every item is sitting pretty on my counter top!

Thanks and don't stop the bp! I will keep using sugar bubble! 

The new Laundry 3.3kg is very very low in suds. I'm using top load washing machine. Clothes come out from the washer with a very mild scent. I like it.”


 Sugar Bubble 
Products receive Safety Mark.

Bathroom Cleaner


PingPing ~ 01.09.2009 ~ “I tried the bathroom cleaner yesterday, and find it quite good. It was able to remove some of the black mold stains. Some of the mold stains were very old and dark...I love the refreshing scent, it made the whole bathroom smell really good.


Audrey : “I'm hooked too! absolutely love your bathroom cleaner. Cleans well, smells nice, and no awful itching or peeling skin."

“My second bottle frm seller..better than any of those normal cleaner frm supermart..easy to rinse off,not slippery even when step on it during washing..” 

Coz:”Goods rcvd, fast delivery & good service! Have used and it really clean up the bathroom stain & dirt, moreover it is eco-friendly! Thank you and will buy again!” 


Nursing Bottle Cleaner


Teenie ~ 13.01.2010 ~ “I like bottle cleaner. Just a spray and can clean the bottle sparkling clean!   The dishwash detergent my mum commented is good as it get rids of oil well and gentle to hands.”


Infant Body Cleanser


 Man:“Its my second bottle from you..super fast door to door delivery..my boy just love it..gentle on skin,rinse off easily n leave a nice mild fragrance.  The fragrance is nice not too strong n lather well."

Handwash Liquid


 Anna: “the best smell hand wash ever used, can't help smelling my hands after wash."

Grace: “My personal experience with Sugar Bubble’s Hand liquid wash is that I just need a small drop and my hand will be easily cleaned. But you can’t get the same result for normal brand of handwash. you may need to press a few times before you can feel it is clean. Try it and experience it yourself!

Jonana ~ 13.10.2010 ~ So far, I like the handwash best... Finish using all 4 bottles i've ordered. Feels really safe when my kids uses them to wash their hands =)