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FREE Delivery with purchase of $100/-

Face Care

  • Pot of Gold Skin Balm 100g

    Top Seller

    Pot of Gold Skin Balm 50g or 100g (Multi-purpose)

    Pot of Gold skin balm has been made and shared by the Crow family for six generations. In that time it has been attributed by family, and more recently our customers, with helping in the treatment and control of almost all skin related ailments and injuries. It is a natural product in the truest sense of the word. It contains no cortisone, steroids, petrochemicals, fragrances, synthetics, or carcinogens of any kind. Made in New Zealand from 100% natural ingredients and is 75% organic too. The skin balm works by feeding the skin a powerful skin food which simply helps your skin to do the healing itself.
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  • Pot of Gold Baby Balm 50g

    Pot of Gold Baby Balm 50g or 100g

    Pot of Gold baby balm as a natural alternative to any other products created for skin irritations, massage, moisturisation, and general day-to-day skin care.
    SGD $26.90
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  • Calendula Flower Cream

    Calendula Flower Cream 60ml

    Calendula Flower Cream A pure, simple, natural cream to renew and repair your skin. If your skin is dry, causing irritation and soreness, then this unfragranced, soothing, moisturising cream is for you.
    SGD $29.90
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  • Beautiful Baby Top To Toe Wash

    On Sale

    Perfect Potion: Beautiful Baby Top To Toe Wash 250mL

    For baby and sensitive skin. Gently washes baby’s hair and skin from top to toe.

    SGD $49.90

    SGD $46.90

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  • Baby Soap (100g)

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    Nature's Spa Natural Bar Soap

    Nature's Spa is created with the goal of making products that are therapeutic as well as relaxing while using all natural ingredients.  All of the products are handmade and contain no additives or preservatives.

    SGD $14.00

    SGD $9.90

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  • Various

    On Sale

    Perfect Potion Aromatherapy Balm (30g)

    Assists & Promotes Healing using nature Aromatic balm Made entirely from natural and organic ingredients, Contains invigorating blend of essential oils. Massage oil every where you go into your temples and the back of your neck.

    SGD $29.90

    SGD $26.60

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  • Deep Cleanse Kit

    PERFECT POTION: Deep Cleanse Kit

    Deeply clean and purify your skin with this beautiful trio designed to leave your skin fresh, soft and smooth.
    SGD $50.90
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