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  • Beautiful Baby Top To Toe Wash

Perfect Potion: Beautiful Baby Top To Toe Wash 250mL

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About Product

For baby and sensitive skin. Gently washes baby’s hair and skin from top to toe.

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Gently washes baby’s hair and skin from top to toe with delicate notes of lavender, mandarin and chamomile pure essential oils.

  • A gentle cleansing wash
  • Creates a mild lather
  • Gently cleans baby’s hair and skin
  • Delicate notes of lavender, mandarin and chamomile calm the senses
  • Skin feels clean and soft


How to use

Create a gently lather in a warm bath and gently massage over baby’s hair and skin.

Also suitable for use by anyone with sensitive skin. Use with other products in the Beautiful Baby range.




  • aqua (water): Purified water is an essential component for healthy looking skin and hair, as it cleans and moisturises. It is also necessary to dissolve water-soluble ingredients in a product and therefore forms the base of most of Perfect Potion's products.
  • disodium cocoyl glutamate derived from coconut oil: Disodium cocoyl glutamate is a mildly foaming, sulfate free co-surfactant.
  • glycerin, vegetable derived from Palm oil: Glycerin soothes and moisturises the skin. It is a humectant (holds onto moisture) and is readily absorbed into the skin.
  • cocoglucoside derived from coconut oil, palm kernel oil, corn glucose: Cocoglucoside is a gentle, sulfate free surfactant that produces a mild foam whilst cleansing the skin and hair. Please note this ingredient may be derived from palm oil
  • sodium alginate: Sodium Alginate is a natural thickening and gelling agent derived from seaweed.
  • matricaria recutita (chamomile extract) certified organic: Chamomile extract is extremely beneficial for dry skin, especially where there is redness or sensitivity. It is an anti-allergenic agent that is useful to soothe and prevent skin flare-ups.
  • benzyl alcohol: Preservative naturally occurring in essential oils. Naturally occurring in jasmine, ylang ylang and rose oils, benzyl alcohol has preservative and solvent actions.
  • lavandula angustifolia (lavender) certified organic: The fresh floral scent of lavender is harmonising and calming. It promotes compassion and healing.
  • citric acid: Citric acid naturally occurs in the human body and also in plants, especially citrus fruits. Regulates pH levels and helps preserve products.
  • benzoic acid: Preservative naturally occurring in essential oils. Benzoic acid hinders the growth of fungus, moulds and some bacteria. Benzoic acid is an approved BDIH Certified ingredient.
  • citrus reticulata (certified organic mandarin) certified organic: The sweet, citrus scent of mandarin is cheerful, gentle, and refreshing.
  • sorbic acid: Sorbic acid is widely used in the food and cosmetic industries as a preservative.
  • matricaria recutita (chamomile, German) certified organic: The scent of German chamomile is emotionally soothing.
  • anthemis nobilis (chamomile, roman) certified organic: The scent of Roman chamomile is harmonising, serene and peaceful. It promotes inner peace.
  • santalum spicatum (sandalwood, Australian): A sweet delicate woody scent that promotes serenity and instills inner calm.


    Beautiful Baby Top To Toe Wash 250mL


    COSMOS Certification

    Let’s face it; choosing truly natural and organic cosmetic products is getting harder these days. It’s become nearly impossible to understand skin care labels and ingredients lists. Furthermore, with the marketing power behind big name companies, how can you know which products are actually natural and organic and which are just plain green washed?

    An international standard is making it easier to understand and trust the brands we turn to. COSMOS is an internationally recognised, harmonised standard for organic and natural cosmetics which was developed to address the needs of consumers, the industry and the environment. COSMOS was founded in 2010 by leading European standards organisations and is paving the way for manufacturers and consumers alike to purchase and promote certified natural and organic products around the world.

    As you know, in an effort to ease the research and purchase process for our customers, Perfect Potion became the first Australian company with certified natural status through the German standard, BDIH. This standard, which is a founding COSMOS member, ensures raw materials are natural and organically grown and products are manufactured according to strict environmental guidelines.

    As a consumer, you have come to know the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo as a trustworthy indicator of good products. These two associations have had a strong, positive impact in providing consumers a sense of security when shopping for skin care; however they are country specific and are not internationally known.

    Perfect Potion are proud to be working with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to migrate all BDIH and ACO certifications to COSMOS Natural and COSMOS Organic. We are very excited to make this change not only because COSMOS shares Perfect Potion’s beliefs and goals for the environment, animal cruelty and the communities we live in, but also to make life easier for conscious consumers.

    To learn more about the COSMOS standard, visit http://aco.net.au/index.php/cosmos-organic






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