Why iBabyGuard™ SLEEP Monitor is A Must Have For Every New Born

World's First Award Winning Baby Sleep Monitor
Our non-invasive design can detect your baby's breath movement from the instance the baby lies on it.

Clincally Test-Bedded & Validated
Test-bedded and validated by Singapore's Largest Paediatric Hospital and proven to be highly reliable and accurate.

Able to Detect Baby's Breath Movement Patterns

iBabyGuard™ Infant Smart Mat can detect the following breath movement patterns.
  1. Breath Movement
  2. No Breath Movement Pattern
  3. Irregular Breath Movements
  4. Waking Up / Movements
  5. When baby rollls off Mat

Safe for the Baby
Our fiber-optic technology uses light as the sensing medium to detect subtle movements which does not emit any electrical energy. Furthermore, there are cords required to connect the mat to the parenting unit. This further minimises safety hazards for your baby.

Peace of Mind
Caregivers can go about their daily chores, knowing that their baby's breath movement being reliably monitored.

iBabyGuardTM Infant Snooze

HK Toys & Baby Products Award 2013

iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat

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iBabyGuardTM Infant Snooze (Apple Devices)

iBabyGuardTM Infant Snooze(Android Devices)

iBabyGuardTM Infant Snooze (Parent Unit)

iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat

Recommended Usage

Newborn babies

  • Detect irregular breath movement episodes
  • Able to alert caregivers when baby is awake or experiencing discomfort. e.g. hunger or soiled diapers