What is Bamboo Salt?

Bamboo salt is a natural digestive 

Because modern humans dominated by pollution-free foods and processed foods, and often food, overeating, coupled with lack of exercise; dyspepsia is absolutely unavoidable, various toxins in the intestinal growth. As time goes by, intestinal mucosa, gastric mucosal injury, eventually the inflammation and ulcers. Bamboo salt secretion of saliva and gastric juice, helps the digestive system to fully digest food. In other words, it is from the very early stage of gastrointestinal diseases, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal disease suppression, nip it in the bud. In this sense, the bamboo salt is the most ideal antivirus modern food.

Bamboo salt is a natural detoxifying agent

Is one of the most harmful to human health as a result of metabolic abnormalities. Metabolism of basic contents are digested and excreted. Bamboo salt as a natural digestive agents, not only promote digestion and absorption of the diet, and it soaked with strong strength and osmotic pressure remove the intestines, and lymphatic fluid into the saliva, gastric juice, bile, urine and other body fluids and toxins out of the body (so we know the slightly salty sweat and urine). Bamboo salt provides cells with nutrients, excrete body waste; in a series in this voluminous work, sacrificed his bamboo salt thoroughly. Can say bamboo salt is really selfless warriors, is a major contributor to metabolic.  

Bamboo salt is a natural anti-inflammatory agent 

Early eat bamboo salt-some people have reactions such as nausea, vomiting. This is a reality on the basis of excessive phlegm in the body. If the normal continuation of saliva, and it should be fluid; unusual development it is the phlegm. Patients with sputum for a long time. Born after phlegm that is inflammatory. Bamboo salt phlegm, inflammation was not formed to remove before. In addition, it has strong detoxifying and disinfecting power combination, eliminates inflammation. In particular inflammation and ulcers of the stomach and intestines, direct contacts because bamboo salt and epithelial cells, therefore its anti-inflammatory effects have been more fully realized. 

Bamboo salt is a natural preservative

Whether it is inflammation, ulcers or neoplasm or cancer, essentially they can be described as the cell to rot. Like this cell corruption can be said to be enough salt in the body. Bamboo salt main effect is corrosion-resistant. Sufficient balance of trace elements in a variety of surprising salt. Bamboo salt is a treasure trove of trace elements. One hand, the acidic environment of corruption and strong alkaline environment of bactericidal power. Bamboo salt is an alkaline food, bamboo salt, healing cells of corruption prevention. Special Note: refined salt is acidic. Natural sea salts are neutral. Bamboo salt is an alkaline. 



Bamboo salt is a natural antidote

All diseases originate from pollution-era deposits of toxins in the body. Diseases of the gastrointestinal system is no exception. Self-contain toxins in the diet on the one hand, and ate food on the other hand does not drain properly, forming new toxins in various organs in the body. Modern people are often exposed to chronic headache syndrome, which is engulfing deposition of ammonium sulfate in the organ. Bamboo salt contains a lot of useful elements for pollution-can remove toxins. In particular contain toxins and heavy metals in the sulphur content, can inhibit cancer cells, clear the cancer toxin of Germanium and selenium. Malnutrition is another problem faced by people today. Vitamins, fiber, minerals and generally inadequate, Wan authigenic. Bamboo salt is a treasure trove of trace elements, so regulating the body's chemical balance. This is a very important concept. Because balance is neutral, neutral is a poison. Special Note: detoxification power ultimately comes from the balance. Instead, once the balance is broken, they become poison.



Bamboo salt is an alkaline food, is a natural and healthy products.Only food containing 80 kinds of minerals. Minerals cannot be automatically produced by the body, required by food intake. Therefore, the company VeggieTalk bamboo salt is your best choice. Because:

  • Promotion of vitamins and hormones to help the metabolism of the cells in the blood.
  •  Increases the body's immunity.
  •  Detox and balance the body's pH.
  •  Bone, muscle and blood of primary substance.
  •  Improve the body's digestive system.
  •  Lift eye, nose and teeth.
  •  Avoid the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease.